2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP
Series II 3800 (L67), 3.8L V6, supercharged, factory block/heads
75k miles
Rochester, NY
Original Owner
Black Sedan
Gray Leather


Purchased new. Only driven in two or three winters. Since then stored indoors for winter and no longer driven in bad weather. I only commute to work on occassional nice days, driving a few hundred miles a year (hit 70k miles in 2010, 75k miles in 2019).

Please read through the modifications list below. I took great care to increase the performance and handling while maintaining reliability. Transmission has Quaife diff ($1200), hardened input shaft ($500), billet flexplate ($400), etc.

This car was raced at the drag strip and also autocrossed from 2001 to 2005. It has not been raced at the track since 2005 and the recent transmission overhaul was done after I stopped racing.

Best 1/4 mile time was 12.516 @ 109.97 MPH.

Tuned for 93 octane. With higher boost (smaller SC pulley) and timing changes for more power, may require higher octane. But it has been tuned for street driving on 93 since I stopped racing.

GM Performance Parts strut and spring package features adjustable struts. I no longer adjust them, leaving them set for slightly stiffer street driving. The adjustment knob has become difficult to turn. Car is a little lower (~1") than stock.

The block and heads are original and the engine has never been removed from the car. The engine previously had a ZZP VS cam before switching to a more aggressive XP cam. Camshaft was swapped with engine in car. Transmission was removed with engine suspended.

I have everything that originally came with the car (keys, fobs, manual, engine cover, front license plate cover, etc.) and extensive notes on maintenance and all work done on the car as well as many pictures of the work in progress.

No accidents on the road, but vehicle needed collision work twice. When still almost new, a Pontiac dealer damaged the driver door. The dealer replaced the door. In 2003, vehicle hit a guardrail causing cosmetic damage to the front passenger wheel, fender, front fascia and hood. Wheel was replaced and other parts were fixed/replaced and painted. The only mechanical damage was that wheel's tie rod. I have pictures of the damage.

Based on the last timing chain and tensioner replacement when the XP cam was installed at 57k miles, the timing chain and tensioner may need to be replaced again around 85k-90k miles. Due to the stronger valve springs needed for the high lift camshaft, there is increased wear on the plastic tensioner/dampener. I have pictures of it from the previous replacement.

I have many spare parts that I am selling or offering to buyer of vehicle at deep discount.
Parts for sale with pictures here

- two Grand Prix 16" wheels, high polished torque stars
- seven Bonneville SSEI 17" wheels, same as ones on vehicle
- one pair L67 heads
- Eaton Gen V M90 (supercharger from Series III 3800)
- Eaton Gen III M90 (supercharger from Series II 3800)
- Series III 3800 L32 intake manifold
- Series II  3800 L67 intake manifold
- L67 throttle body
- L32 throttle body


Category Parts
Engine ZZP XP camshaft
modified retainers
105 lb. valve springs
Comp Cams lifters
Intense lightweight pushrods
LS1 throttle body
42.5 lb. fuel injectors
Eaton M90 Gen V Supercharger (newer model from Series III 3800)
DUB quick change supercharger pulley system
L32 lower intake manifold
WizAired cold air intake with K&N filter
ZZP mini-AFC (air fuel controller) to adjust mass air flow frequency
ZZP mini-SRC vehicle speed sensor adjuster
IAT (intake air temp) selector knob to access different timings
Auto-lite 103 spark plugs gapped at .053 (75k miles)
Transmission 3.69 gears
7/8" drive chain
38 tooth VSS reluctor wheel to change output speed
ZZP 2750 torque converter
Intense hardened input shaft
Intense heavy duty 4th clutch shaft
Intense pawl-style input and 3rd sprag kit
Intense shift kit
Quaife ATB differential
MSP transmission pan with drain valve
ZZP hardened pump shaft
Meziere flexplate
MSP Desert Fox transmission cooler kit
Full rebuild (51k miles)
Overhaul - new drive chain, 1-2 roller clutch (70k miles)
Exhaust SLP Headers
Magnaflow cat
Walker resonator/catback (installed 2020)
Dynomax Super Turbo 17733 mufflers (installed 2020)
FastToys Exhaust Tips
Suspension GM Performance Parts Spring/Strut Package
GM Performance Parts Trailing Arms
Buick Strut Tower Braces (front/back) with Wizbang Brackets (front)
Next Level Sway Bars (front/back)
RASK drag racing suspension kit (limits rear end travel)
Brakes 12" rotors (upgrade with larger caliper brackets)
Hawk HPS pads (61k miles)
Stainless Steel Brake Lines
ATE Type 200 fluid
Wheels & Tires 2000 Bonneville SSEI Wheels (17"x7.5")
Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 235/50-17 (74k miles)
Other Optima red top battery
Gauges - boost, oil pressure, transmission fluid temp
10" subwoofer and amplifier (Rockford Fosgate)