4T65E-HD Transmission Information

ATSG - Automatic Transmission Service Group sells a 4T65E Service Manual (includes HD model)

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7/11/2004 - Transmission Rebuild

Flexplate was cracked and I had intermittent slipping issues. Decided to do a full rebuild with upgraded parts.
In the transmission, the pump shaft and 4th clutch shaft splines had a lot of wear.
A worn boost sleeve probably caused my slippage problems. There is an upgraded boost sleeve in the Transtar list below.
The rest of the tranny looked OK (about 50k miles, lots of racing).


Parts Used
 3.69 gear ratio kit
 TCC-300 Torque Converter
 Drilled Flexplate (different bolt pattern for torque converter)
 Input Shaft
 38 Tooth VSS Reluctor Wheel (change output speed for gear ratio change)
 Heavy duty 4th clutch shaft
 Pawl-style Input and 3rd Sprag Kit
ZZP Parts
 Hardened Pump Shaft
 Mini-SRC (speedometer recalibrator needed for gear ration change)
Transtar Parts
K6600H MOK 4T65E 97-up Rebuild Kit
5A-187 Solenoid OWM 4T40/65/4L60E 93U
5D-167 Solenoid Shift 4T65E 97-up
5D-186 Solenoid EPC 4T40E/65E 97-up
66705 Band Coast 4T60E 91-up (OEM)
B66700E Band Forward Maji 4T60E 91u
K66833 Valve TCC Apply (SOL) 4T65 97-up
B66720EH Band Reverse H/E 4T65E 01-up
K66901F Bushing Kit 4T60E/65E 96-up]
K66901F Bushing Kit 4T60E/65E 96-up]
66509 Brg Thurst Final Dr 440T4 83Up
86973B Drive Chain Rock/ET 4T45E 97-up
K66831 Valve/Sleeve Boost 4T65E 97-up
66507 Bearing FWD Drum 2N 4T60E 96-up
66974 Roller CL FWD 2nd $t60E 96-up
R66102E Friction 2nd .070 4T65E 97-up
K66800B Vane kit 11 vanes 4T65E 95-up
66514 Bearing Final Drive/Sun 4T65E
K66400E Washer Kit w/o SEL 4T65E 97-up
K66500 Bearing Kit Torr 440-T4 83-up
66710F Filter 4T65E 96-up/4T60E 91-up
66710F Filter 4T65E 96-up/4T60E 91-up
66104E Fric. 4th .070 32T 4T65E 97-up

11/20/2004 - Torque Converter Broke

Torque Converter was replaced. ZZP Pump Shaft was replaced for newer ZZP part.